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Secret of Nikola Tesla
The Lost Homeland
Mad house
Theatre connection
Special treatment
The time has come to taste love
Eight kilograms of happiness
Dream days
Petrija's wreath
Happy family
The Haiduk
Svetozar Markovic
The adventures of Borivoje Surdilovic
Temporary work
Dreams, life and death of Filip Filipovic
Who's singing there
The white traces
The medusa raft
Masters, masters
Kissing is only once
High Voltage
Snadji se druze
Guests from Galaxy
Do You Remember Dolly Bell?
Southbound train
Another woman
A promising boy
Erogenous zone
Love, love but don't lose your head
Broad are the leaves
Plum juice
Berlin kaputt
Peace season in Paris
The crime rhythm
Sixt gear
Ladies' man at heart
The fall of Italy
The picnic in Topola
Critical period
Banovic Strahinja (The Falcon)
The train for Kraljevo
Fishing in troubled waters
Battle with the cave
Tenth brother
13th of July
Quinces aroma
A crime in the school
I want to live
Red boogie
School years of Polze, the inventor
Serventes from a Little Town
Let's go further
The Marathon family
Sunday's lunch
The death of Mr. Goluza
The rabbit with five legs
The distant sky
The sunset
The persecution
Variola vera
Live broadcast
To live as normal beings
Tight skin
My part-time dad
The abomination
The dusk
Something in between
Pismo glava
Balkan express
Grandson alike his grandad
Body scent
The man with four legs
The third key
The rising river
Stairway to heaven
Hello, taxi
Just once more
Moss on the asphalt
The Igman march
The second generation
The great transport
The Timok rebellion
How I was systematically destroyed by an idiot
Easy come, easy go
Sugar water
The little train robbery
Secret of an old attic
Angel's bite
The Zadar memento
Watch your step (The graduates)
Landscapes in the mist
The unseen miracle
The deceitful summer of '68.
The Balkan spy
Within the jaws of life
The moth
The truckers are on the road again
Early snow in Munich
The dangerous trail
Strangler versus strangler
Love fever
Nothing but praise for the deceased person
What's wrong with you, Nina
The soldiers
What happens when love is born
Jaguar's leap
The end of the war
No problem
The man made of soil
The Island
Horvat's choice
From Friday to Friday
Istria's way
Premeditated Love Letters
House on the sand
Our Man
The Red and the Black
Father on a business trip
Ciao, inspector
Men are not easy to handle
An orchestra of youth
The Taiwan canasta
That will pass also
The Indian mirror
Life is beautiful
The fat and the skinny one
Holding on for air
Times of leopards
Strawberries in throat
Six days of June
In the prison
A ball on the water
Zika's dynasty
It takes three for happiness
Evening's bells
Promissed land
The beauty of vice
The wild wind
The almanach of protests
The golden apple
The dream of a rose
Beautiful women passing through town
Sekula and his wives
A part-time divorce
Spadijer - one life
Black Marija
The beauty queen
Happy New '49
The picnic
Second Zika's dynasty
Master and Cream pie
Women always ready
The guardian angel
In the name of the people
On the way to Catanga
The King's ending
People in love
Déjà vu
It happened on this day
An officer with a rose
Marjuca or death
Lager Nis
The wanderer
Once there was a Snowman
The criminals
Tight skin 2
Let's make love
Falcon didn't like him
In the middle of my days
Vanbracna putovanja
Haloa - sluts holiday
So far without a good title
The Harms case
Some fine day
Villa "Orchid"
Life with uncle
The road to South
A house near the rails
The mist keepers
The secret of the monastery brandy
A strange country
The forgotten ones
The trap
What are you doing tonight
Brothers by motherhood
That 's how steel was hardened
Tight skin 3
A spy on high-heels
Foolish years
The other man
Diploma for death
Devil's paradise
The man who liked funerals
Return of Katarina Kozul
Cafe Astoria
The best
Boris Godunov
Dirty movie
Balkan express 2
The gardens of Athos - the transfiguration
The battle of Kosovo
Tempting the devil
How rock and roll was ruined
The collection center
The poltroon
A woman with the landscape
Uros the Stupid
The Pannonian peak
Happy end
Let's make love 2
Time of the Gypsies
A better life
Vampires are amongst us
Dr No. 1: Balkan massmedia sciences
The times of miracles
The last lap in Monza