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Three Palms for two punks and a babe


Radivoje Andric

Short description:
Movie plot sounds like a mediocre joke, although it branches into multitude of tiny episodes, each of which paints spirit of the times when Serbian citizens went from evil to worse. It's a 1993 story with all accompanied events - hyperinflation and universal decay. Milan lives at the raft of his friend - Terza, the painter. He sells Terza's paintings to the members of upstart "elite". His another friend Moma works as a guard in the safe-deposit box part of the bank "Futura", owned by koju proverbial "Serbian mother" - any similarity with reality is strictly (un)intentional. Across the bank Nadica earns for life with powerfull sighing over a telephone hot line. Two buddies and their favorite girl think through cunning plan how to plunder a robber and reach faraway island with wonderfull climate and palms.

Dakar Film Production

Milan V. Puzic

Vladimir Divljan

Milos Spasojevic

Production design:
Zeljko Antonovic

Costume design:
Biljana Bukurovic

Country of origin:

Film editing:
Milan Cvetkovic, Marko Glusac

103 minutes

Standard, color



Danica Maksimovic
as sluzbenica
Darko Tomovic
as Roman
Dobrila Cirkovic
as Samanta
Dubravka Mijatovic
as Nadica
Enver Petrovci
as Skocajic
Goran Radakovic
as Moma
Gorica Popovic
as tetka
Kapitalina Eric
as baba Lepa
Marko Janketic
as Mali
Milena Pavlovic
as Sabrina
Milorad Mandic
as Terza
Mirjana Karanovic
as direktorka
Miroslav Zuzic
as poslasticar
Nenad Jezdic
as Pendula
Ratislava Gacic
as Romanova majka
Srdjan Todorovic
as Lane

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