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Zdravko Sotra

Short description:
Plot is set to small provincial town at the beginning of sixties. Heroes of this funny story are teachers of an provincial high-school and their class IV-2. Their adventures are understandable and close to everyone who remembers teenager's life, but yet very personal. Leading character Mihailo Knezevic distinguishes himself with spirt, intelligence and knowledge above other pupils, sometimes even professors. He doesn't have problem with learning, his problem is a girl from the class whose haert he consistently tries to conquer. His main competitor is his brother, guy who already makes money, so he doesn't need school. And there is a student who boasts with strength and frantically trained by professor of physical culture for boxing champion until the match in the capitol when he returns blue and disgraced. One student is necessary "golden kid" for professors but toady for classmates. Majority are those who meager knowledge try to compensate with a line of tricks and quips. Specially picturesque are professors characters which are, each of them on their own way, a little bit "twisted". Nervous principal doesn't know who is worse, unbearable students or "twisted professors". "Students will leave tomorrow, but professors are staying" he complains.

Maksa Catovic, Aleksandar Avramovic, Zoran Jankovic, Komuna, RTV Srbija

Milovan Vitezovic, Zdravko Sotra

Vojislav (Vojkan) Borisavljevic

Veselko Krcmar

Production design:
Miodrag Nikolic

Costume design:
Gordana Andjelkovic

Country of origin:

Film editing:
Petar Putnikovic

95 minutes

Standard, color



Albena Stavreva
as Dokic Olivera
Aleksandar Bercek
as Lazarevic Slobodan
Bogdan Diklic
as Dragicevic Djuro
Branimir Brstina
as Lazicic Nenad Kutuz
Dragan Jovanovic
as Stevic Gradimir
Dragan Micanovic
as Mihailo Knezevic filozof
Dragomir Cumic
as Maletic
Igor Pervic
as Mihailov brat
Isidora Minic
as Milena Koheza
Maja Sabljic
as Milicevicka
Marko Jeremic
as Simeon
Mihajlo (Bata) Paskaljevic
as kelner Belmondo
Milorad Damjanovic
as Mladen Lozanic maler
Natasa Solak
as Danica Jankovic
Nebojsa Ilic
as Bogoljub Maric
Nebojsa Milovanovic
as Jovan Slobenovic Piki
Nikola Djuricko
as Milic Gavranic Tupa
Nikola Simic
as direktor gimnazije
Petar Cirica
as Budimir Vujic Dim
Rastko Jankovic
as Miki Knezevic
Sandra Balaban
as Slavka
Velimir (Bata) Zivojinovic
as Bozovic
Vesna Trivalic
as Jelinic Dana

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