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Ivan Stefanovic, Dejan Zecevic, Srdan Golubovic

Short description:
I Macho trip - Two young ones, according to mutual agreement, start acting as couple in love. He is a student of Music Academy, prosecuted by his father because of his inexperience with women. To get rid of him, he acquaints Irena who plays in some rock-band with her boyfriend. Breaking up because of his infidelity, she wants to have her revenge, and then to seduce him again. Their deceit works perfectly until his father and her ex-boyfriend meet. II Sleepless night - Luka decides to grow up, get serious and earn money. He leaves his friends with whom he played, and goes to bass-player audition for some successful band. He meets Dusan who politely offers him money to murder his wife Emilija. Luka, totally confused, takes the money and leaves to warn the eventual victim. But, he manages only to expand his fresh job, because Emilija gives him money to murder her husband, Dusan. III Herz minute - Marko and Zika live comfortably from burglaries. But, apart from opening every lock, Marko's fingers play every chord. He is obsessed with the idea of "herz minute", by which music could be toucheable if well played chords make herz amplitudes. Marko's obsession is not good for their job, and the situation gets unbearable for Zika when Marko meets Sani. She has just arrived to Belgrade, she is deaf and beautiful. Marko practices playing more often, wanting to perform music for Sani which she could touch.

MP - Agency, Beograd, FDU, Beograd, Avala Film, RTV Beograd, Ministarstvo za kulturu Republike Srbije

Djordje Milosavljevic

Laza Ristovski, Andrej Acin, Darkwood Dub, Babe, Prljavi inspektor Blaza i kljunovi

Milos Stefan Kresoja

Production design:
Zoran Jokic

Costume design:
Jelena Vasiljevic, Emilija Kovacevic

Country of origin:

Film editing:
Stevan Maric, Slavica Lalic-Kos, Andjela Ilic

124 minutes

Standard, color



Aleksandra Miljkovic
Bogdan Diklic
Bojan Zirovic
Boris Milivojevic
Branislav Zeremski
Josif Tatic
Milena Pavlovic
Milica Mihajlovic
Nenad Jezdic
Predrag Ejdus
Rastko Lupulovic
Zoran Cvijanovic

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