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Nor in heaven, nor on earth

Social film

Milos Radivojevic

Short description:
The story takes place in Belgrade, today. It tells us about three friends, thirty years old, who, each in his own way, in times which do not offer much, try to make sense of their lives and find their future. Unimployed architect works illegally, another one is a smuggler, and the third one, having an M.A. in world literature, awaits the position of an assistant and gambles by the way. Events during their life prove their moral and mental frustration. One goes to Australia, another gets killed, and the architect stays chained to the city, as the most of his contemporaries.
Additional information:
Executive producer: Viktorija - Belgrade. Ana Milovanovic cooperated on film editing. Special guest: Momcilo Bajagic-Bajaga.

Monte Royal Pictures, Beograd, Smart EGG Pictures, London, RTV Beograd

Dusan Jelic, Ivan Panic

Momcilo Bajagic-Bajaga

Radoslav Vladic

Production design:
Nemanja Petrovic

Costume design:
Nada Petrovic-Baletic

Country of origin:

Film editing:
Petar Jakonic

100 minutes

Standard, color



Aleksandar Bercek
Bogdan Diklic
as Svetislav
Bojana Maljevic
as Ana
Branislav Lecic
Branislav Zeremski
Branka Pujic
Dejan Matic
Dragan Jovanovic
as MIsko
Dragan Nikolic
as Igla
Dragan Zaric
Goran Danicic
Josif Tatic
as Bata 'Konj'
Maja Sabljic
Miodrag (Miki) Krstovic
Momcilo Bajagic-Bajaga
Mugwza Antoine
Nenad Jezdic
as Vlada
Sandra Rodic
Sonja Savic
Svetozar Cvetkovic
as NIkola
Zoran Cvijanovic
Zorica Atanasovska

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