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The diary of insults 1993.

Romance, Social film

Zdravko Sotra

Short description:
A middle-aged married couple, Ana and Stefan, are trying to preserve at least something of their dignity in times of war, sanctions and misery. They are both temporarily in pension. Their children escaped abroad and call rarely. Their pension provides them for a few days only. But, Stefan works from time to time in his former institution, and Ana knits and sells women's hats. So they resist general crisis, in which the most important social and human values are thrown. And then, Sefan loses his honorary job. He becomes restless, argues with his friends who, to survive, break all ethical normes. He transfers his restlesness to Ana, thinking she's humiliating herself by selling hats on flea markets. Anger in him accumulates, and he is not able to vent it on nobody else but Ana, while she's trying to cheer him up and make him as he used to be. All is in vain.

RTV Beograd, Avala Film

Gordan Mihic

Dusan Karuovic

Veselko Krcmar

Production design:
Slobodan Rundo

Costume design:
Ivanka Krstovic

Country of origin:

Film editing:
Milan Radicevic

95 minutes

Standard, color



Bogdan Diklic
Dragomir Cumic
Eva Balas (Ras)
Marko Nikolic
Milivoje (Mica) Tomic
Milutin Butkovic
Miodrag (Miki) Krstovic
Mira Banjac
Natasa Culjkovic
Olivera Markovic
Predrag Milinkovic
Vera Cukic
Vlasta Velisavljevic

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