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Cursed America


Ales Kurt, Slobodan Skerlic

Short description:
I Ruza's revenge - Vuk returns from prison and tries to find a girl and friends who "blessed" his imprisonment. He fails, but while searching, finds out that his girl has AIDS, and his friends are on treatment somewhere out of town. It turns out that cause for their sickness is known, and that it is, in fact, the girl's revenge. II Carrot, you don't grow nicely - Pantic, factory worker and farmer, arrives to Belgrade to sell a neddlepoint work on market. He makes friends with a man who works as a waiter in a buffet near the train station. Pantic is forced to spend the night in that buffet. Shy by nature, he fails to avoid mistreating of local bums. The waiter, who tried to protect him at first, joins them in the meantime. Suddenly, at the top, Pantic grabs the knife and murders the waiter. III Through the forests of South America - Gordana, journalist from Belgrade, returns from the provinces with unfinished job. She meets Milena on the way, who visits fairs with her grill-trailer. Since her husband is mistreating her, she decides to run away with Gordana. So new friendship emerges between two women. But, the road ahead of them is full of surprises.
Additional information:
Producer: II - TRZ Film and sound - Belgrade, RTV Belgrade; III - TRZ Film and sound - Belgrade, RTV Belgrade. Script: I - Nebojsa Jevric's prose; II - Nebojsa Jevric's prose; III - Marko Marinkovic. Director: III - Marko Marinkovic. Music: III - Nebojsa Antonijevic. Scenograph: II - Nenad Paranosic; III - Biljana Tabacki. Costume designer: II - Jelena Milic; III - Nevenka Milanovic. Actors: III - Vladislava (Vladica) Milosavljevic, Dusanka Stojanovic, Velimir (Bata) Zivojinovic, Milutin (Mima) Karadzic, Dubravko Jovanovic, Jovan Janicijevic, Ratko Tankosic.

TRZ Film i ton, Beograd, RTV Sarajevo, Sutjeska film, Sarajevo, RTV Beograd

Ales Kurt, Ivana Momcilovic

Boris Bacvic, Milica Paranosic

Dusan Joksimovic

Production design:
Kemal Hrustanovic, Nenad Paranosic, Biljana Tabacki

Costume design:
Sanja Dzeba

Country of origin:

Film editing:
Vuksan Lukovac

124 minutes

Widescreen, color



Bogdan Diklic
Boris Komnenic
Bozidar Bunjevac
Branka Pujic
Davor Dujmovic
Dusica Zegarac
Emir Hadzihafizbegovic
Enver Petrovci
Marko Bacvic
Milan Erak
Predrag Lakovic
Sasa Petrovic
Slobodan Custic
Suada Karisik
Tanasije Uzunovic
Uliks Fehmiu
Vesna Trivalic
Zaim Muzaferija
Zeljka Cvjetan
Zeljko Mitrovic

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