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My brother Aleksa

Historical film

Aleksandar Jevdjevic

Short description:
The story of a poet Aleksa Santic, visionary and romanticist, great loser in private life. The poet was born in strict patriarchal, rich trading family from Mostar, in conservative social environment, in controversial times in the end of XIX and beginning of XX century. As a young man, he falls in love with the Slavonian girl, Anka Tomlinovic, daughter of poor photographer, leaving her under pressure of his family. Later, he meets Zorka Solina, young and rich girl from Mostar who, again because of the interests of her family, leaves the poet. In his mature years, Aleksa Santic engages himself passionately in social and political life of his age. Disappointments, poverty, sickness and loneliness follow. And the certainty of early death. His older brother tells the story of poet's life, while he is dying.
Additional information:
Producer: Beograd film - Belgrade. Vanja Popovic cooperated on costume designs.

Forum, Sarajevo, RTV Sarajevo, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana, Beograd film

Djordje Lebovic, Josip Lesic

Ranko Rihtman

Mustafa Mustafic

Production design:
Kemal Hrustanovic

Costume design:
Divna Jovanovic

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Bosna i Hercegovina, Slovenija, Srbija

Film editing:
Kristl Tanovic

125 minutes

Standard, color



Aleksandar Bercek
Alma Prica
Branislav Lecic
Nada Djurevska
Snezana Bogdanovic
Uros Kravljaca

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