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Srdjan Karanovic

Short description:
In remote rocky soil, in the area of Kninska krajina, families without male descendants were regarded as cursed and doomed to disaster. To rescue themselves from curse, they were announcing one of their female children male, hiding the truth as family secret. In one such family, who knows only for rocks, ravines, sheep and St. George as their protector, the greatest gift is a son which they can not have. So the last one, freshly born little girl will be sacrificed to become male, in spite of her mother's pain, in order for the house to get their Saint's grace. Convicted to defy all female in herself, to fight her nature and feelings, in the moment when she falls in love with her friend, she starts rebellion against her destiny. More her father tries to carry the burden of two men, believing that everything could be hidden from the world, more he falls and loses. "Virgina" with help of a young man to whom she reveals her secret, breaks up with her former life and departs, as many from that area, to America.

Centar film, Beograd, Maestro film, Zagreb, Constellation productions, Pariz, RTV Beograd

Srdjan Karanovic

Zoran Simjanovic

Slobodan Trninic

Production design:
Nikola Pajic

Costume design:
Maja Galasso

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija, Hrvatska

Film editing:
Branka Ceperac

100 minutes

Widescreen, color



Igor Bjelan
Ina Gogalova
Marta Keler
Miodrag Krivokapic
Sladjana Bebic
Slobodan Milovanovic

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