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Broken youth


Marija Maric

Short description:
The action takes place between two wars in a Banat village. The boy Kola is married to a much older girl in order to increase property. The story of a single woman who is unhapilly in love with Ilija goes in parallel. He is also secretly in love with her, but his parents don't allow him to marry her. Kola is sick and unexperienced, and his young woman falls in love with another man. When her father dies, Kola moves to her house. In the meantime, single woman is accepted to Ilija's house, but not for long, because they have no children. They throw her out and she murders herself. Kola has served the army and returns stronger and more mature. His wife now falls in love with him, but he tortures her, revenging for the past. Their son is born on April, 6-th 1941.

Profil, Beograd, RTV Novi Sad, Romania film, Bukurest

Marija Maric

Petru Popa

Panta Cebzan

Production design:
Aurel Dolinga

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija

Film editing:
Slobodan Jandric

93 minutes

Standard, color



Adrian Titieni
Carmen Trocan
Dan Puric
Iova Dalea
Radu Amzulescu
Silvia Pincu

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