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Plastic Jesus


Lazar Stojanovic

Short description:
Tom, from Zagreb, unprovided for life, is trying to make a movie in Belgrade. He survives somehow with different women taking him in. He does't believe in anything, doesn't respect anyone, he is sensitive to order and force, to leaders and ideologies, and constantly in conflict with common law. Since some crazy American woman left him, Tom binds himself to a woman whose husband is abroad. When she throws him out, he goes to her sister's husband, who murders him out of jelaousy in the end. The main action happens in the frame of small every day's events and in the context of major historic movements in 1968. with interlaced contemporary and past events, under the watchful eye of leaders of all sorts. In fact, a diverse movie material is the only thing which really occupied Tom during his life.
Additional information:
Archive music selection.

Centar filmskih radnih zajednica SR Srbije, Akademija za pozoriste, film i radio, Beograd, RTV Beograd

Lazar Stojanovic

Branko Perak

Production design:
Milica Ejdus

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija

Film editing:
Lazar Stojanovic

77 minutes

Standard, color



Svetlana Gligorijevic
Tomislav Gotovac
Vukica Djilas

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