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How rock and roll was ruined


Zoran Pezo, Vladimir Slavica, Goran Gajic

Short description:
I Two paths to the spring - A young man, Koma, proved he can do everything better than his dad, even if he had to become a "ninja" while doing it. The ones who hate folk musicians, especially new wave, reveal themselves in the end. II Love isn't everything, there's something in the money - Dracula is hurt again. But, this time not by silver bullet or by cross. A blond girl manages to take away his ethernal (bachelor's) life without help of rising sun. III Do not send me a letter - Eva sews, Djuro plays. The letter gives them no rest. Not only that they don't know who wrote it, but to whom it is addressed. When everything is cleared up, it just might be too late for Eva and Djuro.

Avala Film, FDU, Beograd, Maestro film, Zagreb

Branko Vukojevic, Aleksandar Barisic, Biljana Pajkic

Vladimir Divljan, Srdjan Gojkovic, Dusan Kojic-Koja

Radan Popovic

Production design:
Miodrag Nikolic

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija, Hrvatska

Film editing:
Snezana Ivanovic, Goran Terzic, Mustafa Preseva

105 minutes

Standard, color



Anica Dobra
Bogdan Diklic
Branimir Brstina
Branko Djuric
Dragan Bjelogrlic
Nebojsa Bakocevic
Petar Kralj
Ratko Tankosic
Sonja Savic
Srdjan Todorovic
Velimir (Bata) Zivojinovic
Vesna Trivalic

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