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The last lap in Monza

Social film

Aleksandar-Aco Boskovic

Short description:
The story of an outsider who spent seven years in prison for robbery. Eternal rebel, unsatisfied with the system and people around him, he wants to establish the way of his own justice. As a member of Belgrade mafia, after another unsuccessful robbery, he gets in prison again because of treason. Managing to escape, he is forced to leave the country and the only two persons who love him: his girlfriend and his mother. He goes to Italy and, after successful revenge, becomes the boss of Yugoslav mafia for the whole Italy. He has finally found his way of justice, glory and wealth, but not love. It is the only thing that awaits him in Belgrade. He has just finished his big job for Monza races with his friend. But, he won't be able to see the last lap in Monza.

Beograd film, RTV Beograd

Dusan Prelevic

Oliver Mandic

Milos Spasojevic

Production design:
Milenko Jeremic

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija

Film editing:
Vuksan Lukovac

105 minutes

Standard, color



Danilo (Bata) Stojkovic
Danilo Lazovic
Dragan Maksimovic
Dragan Nikolic
Goran Sultanovic
Josif Tatic
Miodrag (Miki) Krstovic
Olivera Markovic
Petar Kralj
Predrag Ejdus
Sanja Radmilovic
Vesna Stanojevic

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