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The battle of Kosovo

Historical film

Zdravko Sotra

Short description:
Serbian duke Lazar in 1389. refuses to obey the Turk sultan Murat who is penetrating towards Serbia with great army, in order to conquer Europe through it. Although aware that he is weaker, without enough army, duke Lazar decides to confront him. Serbian lords are not united. Most of them wants to fight, even if the price is defeat, but some of them hesitate. Everyone fit for weapon is sent to Kosovo field. The battle on Kosovo, in 1389. ended with no winners - both armies shed blood and got tired. Lazar and Murat died. But, nevertheless, the battle of Kosovo was a victory, not for Serbian state, which soon became Turkish, but for Europe, which Serbia rescued with bodies of her heroes of the first and the strongest Turkish attack.

Centar film, Beograd, RTV Beograd, TRZ Feniks film, Beograd

Ljubomir Simovic

Dusan Karuovic

Radoslav Vladic

Production design:
Aleksandar Milovic, Milenko Jeremic

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija

Film editing:
Ljiljana (Lana) Vukobratovic

106 minutes

Standard, color



Branislav Lecic
Gorica Popovic
Irfan Mensur
Katarina Gojkovic
Ljuba Tadic
Milos Zutic
Predrag Lakovic
Svetozar Cvetkovic
Vojislav Brajovic
Zarko Lausevic

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