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The gardens of Athos - the transfiguration

War aftermath

Stojan Stojcic

Short description:
After the defaeat of Czarean Russia and impact of new religion, the communism, which destroys everything that is old, a great number of intellectuals escapes to South. One group settles on Balkan, in Temska. But the assault of new Tartars gets to them even there. New authorities in cooperation with city politicians burn the newly built church, blind the archmaster, and imprison the icon painter. Him and the priest, chained, are experiencing their worst days, expecting elevation and the possibility of transfiguration. The communist authorities insert their man into their cell, in order to find out what are their intentions after prison. The icon painter, Christ believer, crazy about Christ, on the day of his releasing from prison, starts the ceremony of liturgy.
Additional information:
Stojan Stojcic and Miodrag Miric cooperated on scenography. Petar Jakonjic and Sonja Stevanovic cooperated on film editing.

TRZ Singidunum, Beograd, Avala Film, Morava film, Beograd

Stojan Stojcic, Slaven Radovanovic

Ksenija Zecevic

Aleksandar Petkovic

Production design:
Predrag (Pedja) Ristic, Miodrag Miric

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija

Film editing:
Vuksan Lukovac, Petar Jakonic, Sonja Stevanovic

105 minutes

Standard, color



Danica Maksimovic
Danilo (Bata) Stojkovic
Dusan Janicijevic
Elizabeta Djoreska
Gojko Santic
Ljubomir Cipranic
Melita Bihali
Milutin (Mima) Karadzic
Neda Arneric
Nenad Nedinic
Petar Bozovic
Snezana Savic
Tanasije Uzunovic
Velimir (Bata) Zivojinovic
Zarko Lausevic

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