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The Balkan spy


Bozidar Nikolic, Dusan Kovacevic

Short description:
Former Informbureau member, Ilija, gets summoned by the police. Inspector is seeking information about his subtenant who worked in Paris, and now wants to open a tailor's shop. Although he finds nothing of an interest at the police, Ilija decides to examine the case on his own: he buys a camera, a tape-recorder and binoculars. He assures his wife that their subtenant is a spy and starts following him. His paranoia grows bigger every day. When he thinks "the villains" will murder him because he knows everything, he shackles his house with steel bars, buys a dog, a gun and invites his brother who helps him boldly in "disposing the enemy". Crucial moment in two brothers' biography is the fact they are both Stalinists, because of which they were imprisoned. The appearance of a man from the West revives old methods in their heads again, well known in dealing with "spies of imperialistic forces".

Union film, Beograd

Dusan Kovacevic

Vojislav Kostic

Bozidar Nikolic

Production design:
Milenko Jeremic

Costume design:
Nadezda Perovic

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija

Film editing:
Andrija Zafranovic

95 minutes

Widescreen, color



Bora Todorovic
as Petar Jakovljevic
Branka Petric
as novinarka
Danilo (Bata) Stojkovic
as Ilija
Milan Strljic
as Drazic
Milivoje (Mica) Tomic
as doktor
Mira Banjac
as Danica
Predrag Lakovic
as profesor
Sonja Savic
as Ilijina kcerka
Velimir (Bata) Zivojinovic
as pekar
Zvonimir Lepetic
as Djura

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