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Social film

Dragan Kresoja

Short description:
The story of two convicts, young Maks who is a drug dealer, and Dzek, multiple criminal repeater who suffers from an incurable disease. Before his arrest, Maks marries a provincial girl, who demands a divorce after finding out about his profession and giving birth to their child. Dzek gets paroled from prison, and Maks is using his free weekend. The two of them, along with Dzek's unwedded life companion, go to find Maks' wife and son. Maks meets his father, who is at the top of his career and with whom he could never establish contact, not even now when he is suffering because he knows that his wife is not returning back. Dzek dies, and Maks, after a discussion with his brother, uncurable drug addict, remains with only one possibility: to return to prison.

CFS Kosutnjak, Beograd, Croatia film

Milan Jelic

Mladen Vranesevic, Predrag Vranesevic

Predrag Popovic

Production design:
Vladislav Lasic

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija, Hrvatska

Film editing:
Andrija Zafranovic

96 minutes

Widescreen, color



Aleksandar Bercek
Branko Vidakovic
Dragoljub Milosavljevic-Gula
Dusan Janicijevic
Josif Tatic
Milan Gutovic
Milivoje (Mica) Tomic
Petar Lupa
Radmila Zivkovic
Velimir (Bata) Zivojinovic
Vladislava (Vladica) Milosavljevic

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