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The sunset

Social film

Karolj Vicek

Short description:
A little plain town lives it's life, with minor or major disturbances. One day Steva, called Steve, or more precise White Horse, appears. He spent 15 years abroad and now wants to stay in the city. He brought the first whiskey in his hometown, drove the first Mercedes, and supplied his friends with foreign currencies. In fact, he returned to make final settlement. For previous favors, he wants everything: women, power, recognition, honesty. He wants to compensate everything he has lost in the wide world. An architect, his childhood friend, confronts him loudly and decisively.

Neoplanta Film, Novi Sad

Eva Balas (Ras), Karolj Vicek

Gabor Lendjel

Bozidar Nikolic

Production design:
Istvan Hupko

Costume design:
Branka Petrovic

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija

Film editing:
Katarina Stojanovic

88 minutes

Widescreen, color



Eva Balas (Ras)
as Tereza
Julijana Terek
as Stevina zena
Ljubomir Cipranic
as gazda kafane
Milan Puzic
as trgovac
Milan Strljic
as Tamas
Milivoje (Mica) Tomic
as Adam
Miroljub Leso
as Steva Konj
Nada Vojinovic
as Tamasova devojka
Petar Radovanovic
as Tamasov otac
Stojan Arandjelovic
as Opar

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