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The picnic in Topola

Social film

Zoran Amar

Short description:
Kraka left home again. He wanders through town with Maks all night. In a drugstore they meet Olga, a student, and Kraka offers her marriage, joking. Few days later, two of them really marry. A group of young ones goes to a nearby channel to unconventionally celebrate the wedding. In boredom and with drinks, old problems open up. During their worst mood, two drunk locals appear, people of the same age from a nearby town, and invite them to join. The young men refuse, but Aleksa's angry girl accepts and enters the boat. Soon she changes her mind, realizing they are going to rape her. Fight starts, in which the groom and his friends, saving their heads and their violated morality, succeed in driving away the locals. They remain beaten up on the bank, until the game warden drives them away, home.

Art film, Beograd, Union film, Beograd, Morava film, Beograd, Inex Film, Beograd

Radoslav Pavlovic

Mladen Vranesevic, Predrag Vranesevic

Milorad Jaksic-Fandjo

Production design:
Jasna Dragovic

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija

Film editing:
Zorana Rasic

80 minutes

Standard, color



Branislav Lecic
Danco Cevrevski
Ena Begovic
Gordana Kosanovic
Jelica Sretenovic
Mile Stankovic
Predrag (Miki) Manojlovic
Predrag Ejdus
Predrag Lakovic
Rajko Prodanovic

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