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Historical film, Romance

Zdravko Velimirovic

Short description:
Feudal Serbia in 1308. Monk Dorotej, gatherer of herbs, comes to a monastery to cure old prior. Monk Nikanor prepares taking over of the monastery, and his mistrust towards Dorotej turns into open conflict when the prior gets well. News spread among people that Dorotej is a miracle worker. Feudal Lord Laus invites Dorotej to cure him from malignant wound. Dadara, Army commander, imposes himself on mistress Jelena, Laus' wife, hoping that Laus will die and he will take over. Jelena gets close to Dorotej, who cures people regardless of their importance, but by sufferings. Naturally, a spiritual connection between the two of them grows into love. Dark forces of evil are awakened. Nikanor and Dadara lose their last chance to take over. In the world they represent, there's no place for humanity and love.

CFS Kosutnjak, Beograd, Avala Film

Dobrilo Nenadic, Borislav Mihajlovic-Mihiz, Zdravko Velimirovic

Vuk Kulenovic

Nenad Jovicic

Production design:
Vlastimir Gavrik

Costume design:
Ljiljana Dragovic

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija

Film editing:
Mirjana Mitrovic

98 minutes

Standard, color



Danco Cevrevski
as Matija
Darko Damevski
as Laus
Dobrica Jovanovic
as Pipac
Dragomir Felba
as Makarije
Gojko Santic
as Dorotej
Gorica Popovic
as Jelena
Meto Jovanovski
as Dimitrije
Velimir (Bata) Zivojinovic
as Dadara
Veljko Mandic
as Nikanor

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