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Goran Markovic

Short description:
A young man from the suburbs, car racer in national class, according to his passion is also a great lover. But, driving in national class does not satisfy his ambitions anymore. In order to transfer to a higher class, he must win an important race. And, in order to accomplish that, he must postpone his serving the Army. Mile, suffering from bad kidneys, helps him and goes to all examinations instead of him. However, this plan fails, as well as his avoiding marriage with his "official" girl who gets pregnant. In the end, he loses his race, his freedom, but gains a friend - only Mile comes to his send-off to Army.

Centar film, Beograd

Goran Markovic

Zoran Simjanovic

Zivko Zalar

Production design:
Miodrag Miric

Costume design:
Nadezda Perovic

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija

Film editing:
Vuksan Lukovac

105 minutes

Widescreen, color



Aleksandar Bercek
as Miki
Ana Krasojevic
as Slavica
Bogdan Diklic
as Mile
Bora Todorovic
as Zika
Danilo (Bata) Stojkovic
as Simketov komsija
Dragan Nikolic
as Flojd
Dragomir Felba
as Simke
Gorica Popovic
as Silja
Irfan Mensur
as Rade
Jelica Sretenovic
as Jasna
Maja Lelevic
as Senka
Milivoje (Mica) Tomic
as Strahinja
Olivera Markovic
as Flojdova majka
Rade Markovic
as Moma
Rahela Ferari
as Emilija
Vojislav Brajovic
as Papi

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