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Do not mention the cause of death

War film

Jovan Zivanovic

Short description:
The war in Serbia brings death - mass shootings by the occupier. The dyer wants to help his people in sorrow and in pain, wants to supply it with black mourning. But there is not enough blackness for all the deaths, because Death works faster than dyer. Načve dyer, whose wife gets raped, believes in "honest" intentions of his godfather - a black marketeer, and distributes the linen, purchased from the occupier, to the people. But, the people in it's grief, can not distinguish good from bad intentions. The vast hatred and pain overcomes it's cause - the Germans.The dyer gets stoned and loses his son, remaining pure and innocent.

Avala Film

Branko V. Radicevic

Tihomir Vujicic

Jerzy Wojcik

Production design:
Jovan Zivanovic

Costume design:
Olga Tiran

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija

Film editing:
Milanka Mladenovic (Nanovic)

79 minutes

Widescreen, color



Bekim Fehmiu
as Mihajlo
Branislav Milicevic
as Mihajlov sin
Branislava Vukasinovic
as Ivanka
Ilija Basic
as otac Prota
Nikola Simic
as fotograf
Oleg Vidov
as nemacki komandant
Olivera Vuco-Katarina
as Marija
Pavle Vuisic
as stolar
Ratislav Jovic
as nemacki vojnik
Velimir (Bata) Zivojinovic
as Mitar Velimirovic
Velimir Milivojcevic
as cika Velja

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